National Weather Forecast and Average Weather Temperatures

Learn about the National Weather Forecast

The national weather forecast will show very different weather temperatures across the country. It’s easy to see the differences in the weather around the country by looking at a national weather forecast map, such as this one.

Which states have the hottest national weather forecast?

    1. Hawaii
    2. Florida
    3. Louisiana
    4. Texas
    5. Georgia
    6. Mississippi
    7. Alabama
    8. South Carolina
    9. Arkansas
    10. Arizona

Which cities have the sunniest national weather forecast?

    1. Yuma, Arizona
    2. Las Vegas, Nevada
    3. Phoenix, Arizona
    4. Tucson, Arizona
    5. El Paso, Texas
    6. Flagstaff, Arizona
    7. Fresno, California
    8. Reno, Nevada
    9. Sacramento, California
    10. Albuquerque, N.M.

Which states have the coldest national weather forecast?

    1. Alaska
    2. North Dakota
    3. Maine
    4. Minnesota
    5. Wyoming
    6. Montana
    7. Vermont
    8. Wisconsin
    9. New Hampshire
    10. Idaho

Which cities have the snowiest national weather forecast?

    1. Blue Canyon, California
    2. Marquette, Michigan
    3. Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
    4. Syracuse, New York
    5. Caribou, Maine
    6. Mount Shasta, California
    7. Lander, Wyoming
    8. Flagstaff, Arizona
    9. Sexton Summit, Oregon
    10. Muskegon, Michigan

Average Weather Temperatures

In Austin, Texas, the average weather temperature in January is 50.2 degrees. But in Columbus, Ohio, the average weather temperature in January is 28.3 degrees. In July, the average weather temperature in Cleveland, Ohio is 71.9 degrees, while San Francisco’s is 62.1 degrees.

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