Tremont OH

Tremont OH is an amazing smaller town inside of Cleveland, Ohio.

It has many places to get a great view of the entire city of Cleveland.

There is a small stretch of several smaller and personal shops. You will be amazed as you wander from one shop to the next finding unique items. The area has an art hop the 2nd Friday of every month with a featured artist at different locations. You can go from store to store shopping and exploring various art work.

The Asterisk Gallery has different exhibits depending on when you visit this area. Every summer they have “The Taste of Tremont” street festival to attend. It shows you the best in art and entertainment in this area. This is free to visit so a great time to come to the Tremont area.

There are also several places to eat while you are on this area. They have small bistros and delis for that small town atmosphere. The Lava Lounge is a great place to hang out after dark for the 30’s crowd. They have drinks and munchies. If you are traveling in this area, I would make a stop at Tremont OH for sure.

Learn about the Tremont ArtWalk.

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