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Free Guide Filled with Fresh Insights on Health Care Reform

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

CPI-HR, based on Solon, Ohio, is offering  employers free information about the intricacies of health care reform.

Normally, the insights would be only available to clients as part of an ongoing and proprietary series. But the firm has packaged the details in a 15-page educational guide called Employer’s Guide to Health Care Reform.

We’ve seen the complimentary guide – a well-organized collection that ranges from excluded provisions related to grandfathered plans to W-2 reporting requirements. It also includes a handy checklist with critical dates employers need to keep in mind.

CPI-HR’s complete offering includes employee benefits advisor services, HR payroll software, Benefits Administration, and HR Assist. HR Assist offers clients the ability to bring efficiencies to their human resources department which frees up time to focus on more strategic HR responsibilities. It is services like these that help CPI-HR’s clients make their employees more profitable and aware. CPI-HR is the exclusive Ohio Smart Partner® and is a Platform Agency of Benefit Advisors Network.

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