National Museum of the USAF

When thinking of the best places for field trips and where to take our children during the school day, one of the very best locations to consider is one that provides information regarding our nation’s military history.

One such location is the National Museum of The United States Air Force (National Museum of the USAF) located at 1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433. Nothing provides more respect and a sense of honor than being able to actually see a bit of the history of our military. When visiting the National Museum of the USAF, our children will see the work of our men as they demonstrate the maneuvering of as teams of military retirees and some in service troops provide demonstrations of X-15 fighter Jets, assemble and disassemble small scale versions of planes and other aircraft while on the runway.

In theNational Museum of the USAF, students will see missiles and other space vehicles. They will be able to obtain information regarding numerous scale models of test vehicles from missiles scheduled to be blasted into space during numerous programs planned for the 2011 and 2012 space program.

The Korean War Exhibit is being renovated in preparation for the 60th year anniversary of the Korean war. Students will be taken back in time to an era which has been etched in our history forever.

The young males of the group will be impressed with the thousands of scale model aircraft collection donation from Eugene W Kettering, model planes along with actual atomic bomb alarms on display.

No better way of providing our children with a little bit of history than taking them on a field trip touring the National Museum of the USAF.