National Aviation Hall of Fame

For those of you who can´t keep your feet on the ground or are forever looking up at jets flying by, you should head to Dayton, Ohio. All things aviation, from its humble trials to get off the ground to the space age can be explored at the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio.

In the Learning and Research Center, American aviation historical events are archived here and prove  the sky knows no limit! The accomplishments of many pioneers instrumental in aviation are honored including Amelia Earnhardt, William and Orville Wright and Neil Armstrong. Of course, these celebrated members of the fancy of flight history are familiar to countless Americans.

However, do you know who is and what did William McPherson Allen do? Your answers will be addressed by visiting the Enshrinee Lab at the National Aviation Hall of Fame. There are several of the behind the scenes members such as him in this distinctive community too. Now that your curiosity has been peaked about William McPherson Allen´s attribution; he was a former President of the Boeing Corporation in 1945 and introduced the first American jet transport, known as the Boeing 707.

Events are schedule throughout the year at the National Aviation Hall of Fame, such as The Spirit of Flight Award. Presented annually, it is given based on noteworthy role to America’s aviation legacy by a group or organization.

Film buffs will thrill to be a part of a major yearly event that takes place in November. “Reel Stuff,” is a film fest of movies with an aviation theme. Movie screenings, reception, and awards are presented with the proceeds benefiting the Learning and Research Center and its education programs at the National Aviation Hall of Fame.