Dayton Directory

Dayton, Ohio is an amazing city. There are several fantastic historical Dayton attractions. It is considered the birthplace of aviation because it is the home of Wilber and Orville Wright. It is also the home place of another famous resident who was actually friends with the Wright brothers: the African-American writer and poet, Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Besides enjoying the rich historical area, there are many other things to do in Dayton OH with outstanding arts and theaters, parks, sports and much more.

Yes, when it comes to Dayton events, the arts are alive and well. There is the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center on Main and Second Streets. Right in the revitalized downtown area, the Schuster Center houses the 2300-seat Mead theatre, and a smaller, 150-seat theatre for rehearsals and more intimate performances. In the middle of Schuster Center is the must-see spectacular Wintergarden which is a glass atrium, a concourse with capacity for more than 1000 spell-bound people. This is the place for ballet, orchestra, plays and many more productions. Several splendid seasonal and holiday events are now scheduled in this complex.

Also, several parks add a long list of things to do in Dayton OH. Ride the train at Carillon Historical Park. Take a leisurely walk through the Cox Arboretum and Gardens at MetroPark in nearby Englewood, host of hands-on gardening and horticulture events. Or go bird watching in Englewood MetroPark.

And for more active Dayton attractions, get out on the ice and ice skate at the brand-new rink in Riverscape MetroPark. For fun in the great outdoors, there is hiking, biking and horseback riding in Englewood Metropark. Or, why not try scuba diving? It is free to try at Southern Ohio Diving Academy in Englewood.

There are always things to do in Dayton OH and the surrounding area. With the many historical parks and museums and all things aviation, the fabulous arts and cultural events, and many local Dayton events in parks and on the rivers, Dayton events are truly remarkable. Definitely, the locals can keep busy and involved in their community with the arts, historical, horticultural, and other events, but those planning a business gathering or just coming to visit will absolutely enjoy the many Dayton attractions.