Quaker Square Inn

The Quaker Square Inn is a unique hotel that was built from existing grain silos. The inn is built around the silos so that the existing structure is still visible and a part of the architecture.

It is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places because of its use of the granary and its historical value. The granary used to be part of the Quaker Oats Company before it was sold and turned into the Quaker Square Inn. A mall was also built around the old silos.

Each room in the hotel is circular and also includes cable TV, Internet access, a hair dryer, coffee maker, and a radio. They also serve breakfast, have free newspapers, have a gift shop and a place to work out. Also, nearby are the Ohio Amish Country, the Akron Zoo, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Cedar Point, which is an amusement park, and many other interesting locations.

The Quaker Square Inn also offers discounts and special packages related to these top tourist sites. Quaker Square is a unique place and Quaker Square Inn is a unique place to stay while exploring the area.

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