Prescott Family Fundraiser – Dire Financial Situation

The Prescott family in Cleveland, Ohio is in severe distress.

To help them out, Cleveland, Ohio-based magician Drew Murray will perform a show at 7 p.m. July 30th in the Broadview Heights Recreation Center Gym. To get tickets, call Mike Murray at 216-533-0933 (a flier is listed below). The proceeds – 100% – will go to the Prescotts.

Many people are in a health and financial crisis. The Prescott situation stands apart because of the degree of their situation and their faith that something will work out (one member needs 3 transplants).

Members of Forward Church in Cleveland (Slavic Village) are familiar with the nature of their story (they’ve met the family and know all of the circumstances).

The Prescotts are virtually alone in Ohio. They have never asked for a dime. But some people have generously supplied some basic needs like a washer and some money toward food and clothing.

Proceeds from the magic show and any other cash and furniture/clothing donations will help the family (details below). Checks can be sent to Forward Church with The Prescott Family on the memo line (it may be worth noting their name on the envelope too).

Prescott Family
C/O Forward Church
5437 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44127

Or, you can make other donation arrangements through Mike Murray.

Here is a summary of the Prescott family and their situation:

Laurie and Bernard (Bernie) Prescott have been married for many years. In short, they have worked different jobs, sometimes more than one at a time. They owned a moving company in Maine, but they had to give that up because of his declining health. He was also a tow-truck driver. They have three children in their 20s (located in different states).

The Prescotts moved to Florida to see whether his health improved (doctors had a tough time determining what plagued him). It turns out that his organs have been gradually failing. He needs 3 transplants – stomach, pancreas and small bowel.

Most hospitals and surgeons won’t take on his case, but two will: a hospital in Philadelphia and the Cleveland Clinic.

That’s how they ended up in Ohio (awaiting Medicaid to even get on a transplant waiting list).

Lauren Bodziony, a nurse, met the Prescotts last year when Bernie was in the area for testing. Lauren is the wife of Jeff Bodziony, lead catalyst (like the pastor) of Forward Church.

The Prescotts also live with Bernie’s mother, Willamina (known as Willi), who suffers from Alzheimer’s, neuropathy and severe arthritis (among other persistent ailments).

Here are the other highlights:

– They have very little income (his disability check and social security for Willi).
– Virtually all of their possessions (including family photos) are in storage in Florida. They are somehow paying $200 a month to protect them in a POD, which would cost $2,300 to ship here.
– Laurie is consumed with caring for Bernie and Willi.
– Willi is distraught at the thought of losing her son; her only other son died years ago from a terminal illness.
– Willi has also lost husbands to cancer.
– The family lives in the west side of Cleveland and ended up with a dilapidated house (hole in the kitchen floor with a view of basement), including roaches and rodents.
– They are using a former tenant’s infested mattresses (cleaned as best they could); no frames in either bedroom.
– They could use more plates, pots, towels, microwave.
– Financially, they’re barely making it.

Thank You!