Ohio Tourism Contest – “Why I Love My Ohio City”

ohio tourismOhio Cities is pleased to announce a new Ohio tourism contest that encourages Ohioans to tell everyone why they love their cities.

“Why I Love My Ohio City” isn’t a writing competition, but we’re encouraging participants to share 200-500 words to capture why they have a good attitude about where they live, where they grew up or where they’re busy raising their families.

We’re focusing on giving people an opportunity to brag about their cities, villages, townships, and neighborhoods. We’ve even lined up several neat prizes. We’ll pick random winners when the contest closes January 31, 2011.

All of the entries will be posted on Ohio Cities, allowing us to join you in bringing recognition to the Ohio communities that are making a difference in our lives.

Get the details.

Here are some of the prizes we’ll award:

What makes your Ohio city special? Tell us and we’ll share it with the world.

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