Ohio History

Here are some interesting facts about Ohio history:

In the year 1851, Noble becomes the last established county in the state. In 1848, now one of Ohio’s oldest newspapers, The Cincinnati Enquirer, published the first every Sunday edition in the United States history.

January 1977 was the coldest winter in Ohio history with the average temperature of 11.9 degrees.

In 1913 one of the greatest natural disasters in Ohio history occurred when a flash flood killed 428 people and destroyed 20,000 homes.

In 1930 a fire broke out at the Ohio Penitentiary that killed 322 inmates.

The Big Bottom Massacre erupted between the Northwest Territory settlers and the local Indian tribes in 1791.

Ohio Astronaut Judith Resnik was born in 1949.

In 1792 Arthur St. Clair resigned from the U.S. Army after he was defeated in the Northwest Territory by a several tribes of American Indians.

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