Industrial Chillers: Thermal Spray Technology — Cincinnati Ohio

A-Flame manufactures and distributes, through Merlyn Corporation, Arc Spray, Flame Spray, Plasma Spray, and component repair parts.  We have been in this business since 1978. Our first customer was the General Electric Jet Engine Division, Evandale, Ohio.

We stock interchangeable replacement parts for Metco, PT, Miller, and several other manufacturers’ systems; parts such as: guns, nozzles, electrodes, gun bodies, insulator assemblies, gears, rollers, seal kits, water cooled power cables, and many hundreds of other parts for both wire and powder alloy systems.

Do not toss away the old plasma system.  We offer upgrades to your Metco 2MC through 7MCII Plasma Controllers.  We upgrade them to the 9MC by using Metco 9MC Flowmeters.  At the same time, we completely refurbish the remainder of the controller, replacing buttons, broken or scratched glass, worn wires, and broken gages.  It will be installed with all new plumbing and hardware. A final fresh coat of paint will make it look almost new!  We will Calibrate your system before shipment.

We have the finest Acoustic Rooms, Spray Booths, Robots (both new and reconditioned), and complete Dust Collection Systems, as a part of our product line, together with various Powder and Wire alloys.

Customers sometimes trade their dependable used equipment for later models, offering greater productivity.  These used systems are available, and are especially valuable for shops just beginning to offer plasma and flame spray repair services, or for backups. We also offer turnkey installation and training for anything we sell.

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