Discounts for Cedar Point

A Cedar Point Vacation is a trip that the entire family can enjoy. Take advantage of Cedar Point Packages, and Discounts for Cedar Point.

Snoopy will welcome you to the park, promises that there is fun to have once you step through the gate. Roller coaster tracks slope upward in a graceful arc, and squeals of delight can be heard as riders enjoy the acrobatic excitement.

There is plenty for all ages to enjoy. The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad will fascinate all. A Ferris wheel will provide a birds eye view of the park. The Kingdom Carousel will make memories for years to come. Do not miss the Sky Ride. A gondola will feast your eyes on the scenes beneath.

Mom has gone shopping for gifts and momentous. Off in the distance you can see that she has loaded up on Hooded Sweat Shirts and Stuffed Toys. Snoopy tops a bag like amusing royalty. All of her goodies will be stored in a locker, handily offered, right there at the park.

After enjoying activities, rides, and shopping you are ready for a lunch. No one can seem to agree on what they should eat, but the solution is easy. Midway Market has an all you can eat buffet, loaded with familiar favorites.

No day at the park would be complete without a visit to the water rides. This is the best of the best. No one will walk away disappointed.

Discounts for Cedar Point has opened a door to the best vacation that you have ever had. Enjoy!