Summer Camps in Ohio

WikiChild is the best place for parents to locate summer camps in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio for their children.   Choose a sport camp, such as basketball, cheerleading, football, gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball.  Locate academic camps, like math, reading, science, Spanish, and writing.  Find visual and performing art camps including dance, painting, and music.  In addition to day camps, local lessons, program and tutoring can be found including math tutoring, english tutoring, spanish lessons, dance lessons, horseback riding lessons, and swimming lessons.

If you represent a children’s business, are you always exploring how you can get more children to come to your summer camps and lessons? We help 100,000 Ohio parents find summer camps and lessons for their children.  If you partner with us, we can help these parents find your summer camps and lessons. If your business provides unique camps and lessons, it is imperative that you list in our directory. Many parents search our site to find camps and lessons of all types. Parents search our directory for summer camps, Christmas Break camps, winter camps, Spring Break camps, and spring camps.

WikiChild was created by Ohio parents.  We were frustrated with the resources available for finding activities for children.  When we would try to find an activity for one our children, we would find sites that would have a few camps for children and another that would have a few lessons.  There was no site that had comprehensive information regarding all of the activities that our children could be involved in.   WikiChild provides a comprehensive listing to allow you to decide what is best for your child.  WikiChild: Connecting parents with great service.