Pro Football Hall Of Fame

One thing that any fan of the National Football League should do is make a special trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It is here in this prestigious museum and hall that the best players to ever lace up and put on the shoulder pads in the NFL are honored and recognized.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has been in existence since 1963 when the first 17 members were inducted. Ever since then, players from the old AFL, old NFL, and the merged NFL have been enshrined here.

The Hall of Fame is by far the best sports museum in the United States and quite possibly the world. There have been various expansions of the Hall over the years; currently the Hall of Fame is about 83,000 square feet. It houses memorabilia from professional football over the years, and there is an exhibition of busts of the Hall of Fame players. When a player is inducted into the Hall of Fame, they are given a bust of their likeness at the induction ceremony.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame offers walking tours of the museum and kids of all ages are welcome to enter. A good time to come to the Hall of Fame is in August during Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and attend the Hall of Fame Game, which is held at the stadium on the Hall grounds. The two teams that play are teams who have had players being inducted that year.