Why I Love My Ohio City Contest

Ohioans can pay tribute to their favorite cities and win great prizes this holiday season in the “Why I Love My Ohio City” contest.

Share what makes Ohio cities, towns and neighborhoods thrive – the people, sights, food, histories, festivals, geography, Ohio attractions, schools and more. Or, convey delightful memories of life in a hometown – including wonderful holiday times with friends and family.

Each entry, which must be between 200 and 500 words, will be posted on Ohio Cities (must be in good taste).

Please COMPLETE THE FORM to let us know you’re interested (you can send your story after we get in touch with you).

The contest is a good opportunity for Ohioans to recognize their towns, including the quirky events, traditions and folklore that make them so notable.

“Why I Love My Ohio City” is not a writing competition. It’s simply a good way to reflect community pride, which can include local heroes (popular and unsung) or how ordinary people did extraordinary things to triumph over tragedy.

When the contest ends January 31st, 2011, Ohio Cities will randomly select  lucky winners for Ohio-related prizes, including:

We want to showcase Ohio cities, towns and villages and convey the community pride that means so much to Ohioans – whether some people recently moved here or lived in Ohio all of their lives.

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