Get Free Business, Organization Profiles on Ohio Cities

Now you can get a 250-word profile of your Ohio web site on Ohio Cities – for free.

Ohio Showcase is open to any Ohio business, community or organization that has credible content – from Cleveland Ohio attractions to businesses in Columbus.

We want to celebrate the successes and contributions of businesses, organizations, cultural arts, cities, towns, villages and more.

If you’re all about adult-themed products and offerings, we recommend other options. If it’s a site about drugs and nutritional supplements, it may not make the cut.

But we’re open to all sorts of web sites – even mainstream religions (cults need not participate).

Many personal blogs just don’t fit in, but they can if they’re all about Ohio communities and Ohio-themed causes.

We’re committed to putting the spotlight on your web site – whether you make something, provide consulting services, promote travel and Ohio tourism destinations or help run a non-profit group that enriches lives.

Get all of the details and submit your 250-word profile.

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