Avoid Scam, Complaints: Use Electronic Merchant Systems

Based in Independence, Ohio (near Cleveland), Electronic Merchant Systems provides merchant processing services and electronic transactions. The company operates in more than 100 U.S. cities.

With a focus on customer service, the company offers a wide range of business services.

Although some companies use deceptive tactics and get complaints and bad reviews, Electronic Merchant Systems offers merchants outstanding service, including a 24-hour help desk. With a variety of products, EMS is dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses in many different industries. Not known for a scam, ripoff or complaints, EMS since 1987 has served thousands of businesses nationwide, including retailers, mail order companies, Internet businesses and more.

Visit Electronic Merchant Systems today – avoid a rip off, negative reviews and complaints.

Businesses looking to accept payment online, get financing for their operations, and optimize their shopping cart experiences can utilize the services of EMS to get closer to realizing success.

The services of the firm are designed both for online applications and to help traditional retail merchants accept payment in a secure and cost-effective way. The company even offers a platform that businesses can use in order to increase loyalty through gift cards and other programs.

Merchant Services
Both for online and offline business applications, EMS can assist with a wide variety of services to facilitate the acceptance of payment. Businesses in the network of EMS are able to accept payment through major credit cards, electronic checks, EBT, and much more. By receiving these services from a single provider, businesses can operate more efficiently since they will not need to reconcile several different merchant accounts. Rather, businesses can rely on getting their payments from one service provider to make this process easier. This can help reduce the management overhead required to keep track of several different merchant accounts across multiple payment channels.

E-Commerce Services
EMS is able to assist businesses with full-service e-commerce solutions. From the start, the company can assist with establishing an e-commerce storefront that is custom-designed for specific business’ needs. Once this has been completed, EMS can assist with optimizing the shopping cart experience in order to increase sales and conversion rates to maximize sales results on the website. Businesses who use these services are able to accept payments from major credit card agencies and even electronic check if they choose. EMS is careful throughout the entire process to ensure that security technologies are implemented to minimize the chance of a data breach.

Business Financing
When fulfilling orders, there can often be a substantial delay between the time that purchases must be made and money is received from customers. For new businesses with little money, this can make it impossible to start operations. Businesses that use the services of EMS are able to get credit to cover payables while waiting for accounts receivables. This financing can assist with marketing expenses, shipping costs, storage costs, and many other expenses business operations. By having credit close at hand, businesses can rest assured that they will be able to fulfill the orders of customers even when funds are low.