Downtown Cleveland

The downtown Cleveland area is one that is filled with surprises and excitement. This city has undergone many renovations and upgrades in order to enhance its appeal to the public.

Many of the local neighborhoods have stories to tell and historic features that are worth discovering. Now there are tours available that will enable local residents and city visitors to explore the rich background belonging to this Ohio town.

Celebrate The Year of the Tiger with a trip to downtown Cleveland and explore “AsiaTown.” This is where you can treat yourself to some of the best Asian inspired cuisine available. If you want to experience the culture and life of the Orient this is a wonderful place to start.

The Hidden Cleveland trolley tours are now being held on Sunday afternoons and the cost of a ticket is only $25. You can board one of the Lolly the Trolley cars and settle back for an enjoyable and informative 3 hour guided tour that takes you through a diverse group of community neighborhoods. Find out some of the little known facts about many of the downtown Cleveland sections and test your own city knowledge against that of the community guides. At the end of the tour all guests you can enjoy drinks and appetizers at one of the local restaurants.

You will certainly want to discover the early history of downtown Cleveland and this can be done with a trip to the Warehouse District. This is the site of Cleveland’s very first neighborhood and it is also the home of the downtown Cleveland area’s oldest and most respected commercial establishments. Today this thriving “metropolitan mecca” is a blend of both old and modern business buildings; restaurants; theatres and residential homes.

There are many other neighborhoods and communities in downtown Cleveland for you to visit and explore. You can travel the world, discover other cultures and experience a global tour all without leaving the amazing city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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