Piqua Ohio

Since I live in Versailles, Ohio, which is a village, I am writing about Piqua in Miami County  as my favorite Ohio city.  It is 17  miles east of Versailles.  It is big on education.

Edison State College is there.  Also the Flesh Public Library is there, which has interesting books and displays.  There was a display about ham radio.

Piqua is from an Indian name.  Miami, Shawnee, Adena and Hopewell Indians were there.

Piqua is in between in size between a small town and a big city.and has the benefits of both.  I liked going there.

Some famous people are from there.  The famous singers Mills Brothers grew up there.  Some of their songs I like are “Cab Driver”, “Til Then,” Up A Lazy River,” and “Jeepers Creepers.”  They were John Sr., John Jr., Herbert, Harry and Donald.

Don Gentile, a World War II flying ace and member of the Aviation Hall of Fame was from there.  Also Jack Snow, author of several of the Wizard of Oz books and Luther McCarty famous heavyweight boxing champion in1913 were from there.

One day I went for a General Harrison canal boat ride at a tourist place with my parents.  When I was a little boy, a lot of times when I  went places with my parents, I  did not know where I was.  My father  was a chicken farmer.  One day I went with him to a small building and a man cut on some dead chickens.  Some years later, I asked what that was.  He said that it was a veterinarian office in Piqua.

There use to be two malls in Piqua.  One day I looked at the bulletin board of the first one.  There was a card pinned on about getting a ham radio license.  I got my ham radio license at the  Highway Department Building between Piqua and Troy.  Also in Piqua there is a Palstar ham radio store.

In my last three years in high school, I did good on some Scholastic tests from the State of Ohio.  Because of that, I got to take some free school bus rides to Piqua High School and take another test.

I have some distant relatives in Piqua.  There is a street in Piqua  called Electric Avenue like the hit song “Electric Avenue.”  One sunny day in Piqua, I saw a motorcycle rider with a large tattoo of the Harley-Davidson logo on his back.

Galen Gasson