City of London Ohio

Having grown up in a small town, I always knew I wanted to “escape to the big city.” When I was accepted to The Ohio State University, I could hardly wait to leave my hometown of London, Ohio. I have come to realize, however, that my home is and always will be London. Even though I live in Columbus, I cannot wait for the opportunity to go home. Nostalgia rushes over me as I drive down the streets of London. I have so many fond memories growing up in this town.

Every small town has a particular ice cream shop that gets bombarded after every local baseball game, whether it is t-ball or a pitching machine game. London’s ice cream shop is Takacs Family Ice Cream shop located on the east side of town. Although it has changed names a few times over the years, it is still the place to be after a baseball game.

On Friday nights during football season, there is only one place to be after a home game, whether you’re a Red Raider or a Golden Eagle and that is Cappy’s Pizza located on the west side of town. I remember going to football games with my brothers and father and as soon as the game was over, it was a mad dash to Cappy’s Pizza. Cappy’s is a small establishment so eating in was a hot commodity on a Friday night. It was always a favorite time of mine, staying up late on a cold night, trying to warm up by eating piping hot pizza with my family.

The most scenic part of London has to be Main Street. With the brilliant architecture of the court house and United Methodist Church sitting high about the town and large historical homes running along the tree lined street, it is definitely a beautiful site. Main Street is most popular during two times of the season, Halloween and Christmas. On Halloween, the place to be is Main Street. All of the houses lining both sides of the street are decorated accordingly and the residents all pass out candy. The streets are filled with hundreds of children every year.

During Christmas, London holds its annual Old Fashion Christmas. Cowling Park is decorated with white Christmas lights and the streets are lined with white lights and wreaths. Main Street is filled with horse drawn carriages for people to hitch a ride from one side of town or another. Businesses open their doors to hand out steaming cups of hot cocoa or cider to guests along with assortments of candies and desserts.

London may be growing and times, they are a changing, but London will always be that place I call home. No matter how much it will change, I will always remember that these changes will create memories for my family for years to come.

Stephanie Adams