City of Cincinnati Ohio

Even though I live on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is my city.  I grew up in a small town in Louisiana, so I was never a city girl.  Although there is much to praise about the rural life, I soon found out that the charms of city life held me captive.

And Cincinnati is the perfect city in my opinion!  It’s not so big that we have traffic tie-ups, and it’s easy to drive to almost every corner of the city.  And it’s not so small that there is nothing to do.  New York and Chicago have their charms, but Cincinnati holds my loyalty.

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park is a Tony Award winning theater with a world-class reputation.  The plays that we view there are always on a par with those of larger cities.  Cincinnati Art Museum is now free to the public, due to the generosity of its donors.  The art works housed here are inspiring, and its ever-changing shows keep art lovers coming back.  The Cincinnati Museum Center is housed in a beautiful Art Deco style building in a historic neighborhood.  Its highlight is the Children’s Museum which delights young folks every day.

Cincinnati is truly the “Queen City of the West,” as it’s known.  I’m proud to be a part of the greater metropolitan area of such a jewel!