State of Ohio

Ohio residents looking for information about the state of Ohio should consult the State of Ohio Website.

On this site, you’ll find a wealth of information. The site helps residents with frequently asked questions such as “How do I get my Ohio driver’s license?” and “How do I contact my elected leaders?”

Ohio residents can also find links to vehicle registration, state park lodging, tax forms and more. Ohio residents needing information on unemployment can find it here too.

There is also a section on Ohio tourism and recreation that is informative to out of state visitors and residents alike.  Find a new place in the state to visit and learn more about hobbies you’ve always wanted to try like fishing and boating.

Be sure to check out the missing money link to see if you have unclaimed funds in Ohio. You might have a paycheck or reimbursement you’ve forgotten about just waiting to be cashed!

State employees can find information about their benefits and paycheck on the State of Ohio web site.

Business owners in Ohio will benefit from the site by finding a central location for licenses, permits, compliances, filing and more.

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