How To Add Your Website Today

It’s easy to promote your website to Ohio Cities, among the oldest Internet directories (1997).

Select the option that best suits your advertising needs. Request the listing and we’ll work out the details with you BEFORE you pay.

Unlike many other directories with non-refundable review policies, we will evaluate your website BEFORE you pay.

We just want to make sure it’s in good working order and that it’s neither inflammatory nor pornographic.

We will make every effort to include your website – creating new categories as needed so you can target the right website traffic.

We’ll check out your website within 2 business days.

We’ll let you know if it’s accepted so you can expand your web site promotion efforts. After we receive your payment, we will typically post your listing within 1 additional business day.

1. Ohio Cities Starting Point (Annual)
  • Add your website to most relevant category.
  • Include a 10-12 word description.
  • If a category doesn’t exist, we’ll create one

Pricing: $50 a year

Call Mike Murray at 440-349-4940 ext. 635 (World Synergy)

2. Ohio Cities Featured Listings (Annual)
  • Guaranteed top positions for available pages
  • Get a 25-word description.
  • Include your phone number.

Pricing Options:

  • Large Cities/Metro Areas*
    • $250.00 First Listing
    • $200.00 Second Listing
    • $150.00 Third Listing
  • Other Cities
    • $170.00 First Listing
    • $130.00 Second Listing
    • $90.00 Third Listing

 Call Mike Murray at 440-349-4940 ext. 635 (World Synergy)

*Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton and Youngstown.

3. Premier Business Profile
  • Showcase your business with dedicated page.
  • Goal: Establish a Top 10 ranking on Google.
  • Includes link, address, phone, logo, home page screenshot, corporate description.

Pricing: $600.00 (annually)

Bonus: Sign up by June 30th and we’ll create an extra page about your
business for FREE (linked from virtually any page you choose).

Call Mike Murray at 440-349-4940 ext. 635 (World Synergy)